Welcome to HotShotsFXMedia.com. Please take a moment to view our site and the new features we have added in addition to our new services. We thank you once again and looking forward to working with you.

HotShotsFXMedia.com is a digital media company that has offered a variety of digital services since 2003. Formed by childhood friends with a keen interest in digital media, the partnership features the best of both worlds. Website & film development and digital photography services. With numerous accolades, we have become a force in the digial media world.

We specialize in website development, maintenance, and digital photography services. We also provide hosting for our clients as well. We help our clients reach their fullest potential. If you are in need of any our services, please visit our contact page for more info.

Our vision is very simple and has been the same for years. To provide a top notch service at an affordable price. We have been able to expand our business into foreign countries due to our vision. We believe and understand that the service provided is just as important as the price. So we give our clients both. A quality product at an affordable rate.


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Q: Where is HotShotsFXMedia headquarters?
A: Los Angeles, CA! We do have satellite offices in other areas. We travel throughout the U.S and abroad as well.

Q: If you contacted me, do I still have to pay for the shoot?
A: YES there will still be a fee for the shoot. If we have contacted you it is because we are traveling to your city and offering our services to you for a fee. We offer our services just like any other company does so don't be offended. If you cannot afford our rates at this time but would like to work with us in the future, then please click here to fill out our CONTACT form.

Q: I am on a tight budget but would still like to work with you. Where can I find the rates and payment plans?
A: Our rates are more than reasonable. click here to view the rates and payment plans.
The rates apply for all shoots in the U.S. We do have international rates if your located outside of the U.S.

Q: I don't shoot NUDE, will you still be willing to work with me?
A: You DO NOT have to shoot nude in order to work with us. In fact, we let the clients decide what type of shoot they would like to do. Ex. casual, glamour, fashion, swimwear, head shots, etc.

Q: I'm not a model but I would like to have some nice shots taken of myself for. Is that fine?
A: Yes that is fine. You do not have to be a model in order to work with us.

Q: How many pictures do I receive and will they be edited?
A: You will see all your pictures during and after the shoot. 60-75 high quality images is the general range shot for each outfit. You are to bring a 2GB or 4GB flash drive so all your RAW images can be uploaded to your flash drive. If your balance is paid off by the time of the shoot, then you will receive your RAW images immediately after the shoot. If you still have a balance because you are doing a payment plan, then you will receive all your RAW images once your balance is paid off via email transfer. You will then select the images you want to be edited and email us the picture numbers (ex. #103, 24, 16, etc.) so we can begin editing. All edits are emailed back to you via email within 1 week. Everything we do is digital, unless it stated otherwise.

Q: Can we go over the details via phone?
A: We do not go over shoot details via phone. When a client has selected a shoot date, time, shooting a package, and a deposit date(s), then we will call the client or vice versa to finalize everything. If you have other q's, then please fill out our contact form.

Q: Do you provide wardrobe, hair & makeup for the shoot?
A: We supply the location and a great shoot with a one of our great photographers. Our job is to provide you the highest quality of images as possible to get you more work in the industry. If you need an makeup artist or hair stylist, you can bring one to the shoot or have it done before the shoot. We recommend you have it done prior to the shoot so you can spend your time shooting as oppose to sitting in a chair during the time of your shoot. If you need help locating one of of these in your areas, we can be of assistance.

Q: Will the shoot be indoors or outdoors?
A: Depending on your attire and comfort level, that will determine if we will shoot indoors or outdoors. We also shoot on location. So if you have a great outfit for high fashion and know the perfect place for it, then were all up for traveling to shoot it.

Q: Where is the shoot location and when will I receive it?
A: The location is sent out to all scheduled clients who we have spoken with via phone and have paid there DEPOSIT! No deposit, no shoot location. If you have paid your deposit, then expect to receive the physical address for the shoot location via email 3-5 days prior to the shoot. We can assure you the location will be beautiful and in a great setting. Don't worry, it will be upscale with all the trimmings.

Q: How long is my shoot and will I be shooting alone?
A: Your shoot is anywhere from 1.5 - 2hrs. long. Each model has their own shoot date & time. This makes it much easier for you to focus on your own shoot as oppose to what everybody else is doing.

Q: Can I get ready and dressed at the shoot location?
A: In order for you to get your full amount of shoot time, we strongly urge you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your shoot time, DRESSED in your 1st Outfit ready to shoot. If you arrive late, that is fine. However, that will cut into your shoot time. So we say all that to say this......Do not be on time, Be early for your shoot! Arrive in your 1st outfit to save time. Preparation is key!

Q: Can I bring an escort to the shoot?
A: 1 escort is allowed at the shoot. So decide who is more important. Your best friend or your makeup artist! Or you boyfriend or makeup artist. We do not like entourages and people who do not serve a purpose at the shoot.

Q: Do you help the with shoot concepts, ideas, and poses during the shoot?
A: Yes we do. Our photosgraphers are all creative when it comes to shoot ideas, concepts, poses, etc. The best way to work on posing is to put your attire on and get in the mirror and work on facial expressions. Posing the body is easy but posing the face is another. Practice makes perfect.

Q: Do you have a model release form for me to sign?
A: Yes we do. Our model release form is a non-exclusive form that gives you and me both the rights to use the images for promotional / commercial purposes. We do not sell nor lease your images to any third parties.

Q: Do you shoot Plus Size Models?
A: Yes we do. Please check out the plus size gallery on the website. It's one of the best galleries here on the site.

Q: Do you do group or couple shoots?
A: Yes. Only if it has been discussed and confirmed by everyone who is interested in the shoot. Otherwise, you will have your own shoot date & time

Q: What if I want to add another person to the shoot for only 1 of my looks?
A: That is completely fine but there will be an additional charge of $75 for the additional person to shoot only that 1 look with you. They can only do 1 outfit for that price and all photos will be taken with you, not solo.

Q: Do you shoot male models?
A: Yes we do.

Q: Do you shoot children?
A: Yes! Please click on the the "contact us" link below to fill out the form. We will then send you an accurate quote.

Q: Do you do weddings?
A: Yes! Please click on the the "contact us" link below to fill out the form. We will then send you an accurate quote.

Q: Do you do private events / functions?
A: Yes! Please click on the the "contact us" link below to fill out the form. We will then send you an accurate quote.

Q: Do you do graduation pictures?
A: Yes! Please click on the the "contact us" link below to fill out the form. We will then send you an accurate quote.

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