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Mercades B. Texas

"I have worked with HotShotsFXMedia Photography for 7 years. Every shoot has exceeded all my expectations. Everything is professional from booking the shoots to receiving my digital photos and edits in a timely manner. I have no complaints and will continue to be a repeat customer."


Gera M. North Carolina

"For the past 4 or 5 years I have worked with Spade and HotShotsFXMedia for my Spring photo shoots and portfolio updates. Every year I am impressed with my pictures and the service I receive. Spade is very professional and really knows what he is doing with the camera. He can make even the most inexperienced model look like he or she has been doing this for years. HotShotsFXMedia is awesome."

"The turn around time on edits are quick and reasonable as well as their prices. I love the fact they do payment arrangements and also have a plethora of other services that they offer. It allows me to get everything I want out of my shoots without having to compromise what I want verses price. As long as Spade and HotshotsFXMedia continue to come to my city I will always work with them."


Krystal F. Texas

"While working with Spade for the past 2 years it has been an overall great experience. He is willing to work with you as well as directing the poses. He is very professional , communicates well (meaning with emails, phone calls , text message etc) and also gives you great posing tips for future shoots. For example, before getting ready to shoot with Spade, he will let you know to practice in a mirror or you can also bring props as well for the shoot! He is a positive person and gives constructive criticism."


Alesha Illinois

I’ve worked with Spade once and enjoyed my photoshoot session. He is very awesome and creative. We had collaborated with our ideas back and forth prior to the shoot. I am willing to work with him again."


Kasie W. Georgia

"I worked with HotShotsFXMedia group on my fitness photo shoot. The photographer Spade was very professional and communicative in regards to booking and organizing the shoot. They are very informative with upcoming promotions, ads and any and all things to help build your brand as a professional in the health/wellness field."


Ashley C. Florida

"HotShotsFXMedia is a nothing short of a pleasure to work with! Mr. Spade is professional, organized, on time, and definitely has mastered his craft of photography. He knows how to give direction on set as well as makes all models feel comfortable. Overall, the experience was great and I'd definitely shoot with Mr. Spade the next time he is in town."


Kalena B. Washington, D.C.

"Working with Mr. Spade has been such a great experience and has also been one of my favorite photo shoots thus far. He has such a great personality and he is very easy to work with. He encouraged me to show my creativity with my poses while also directing me in ways that I can improve the look that I am giving. I had a great overall experience with the company & I definitely look forward to working with HotShotsFXMedia again in the future!"


Mia J. Georgia

"Working with HotShotsFXMedia has been an extreme pleasure and easy process. From the initial phone call, you feel a personal connection for them to understand you and your concept. And the payment plan options makes it worthwhile!"


Lee Texas

"Working with HotShotsFXMedia was a great experience. They kept the photo shoot fun and exciting. They showed me how to pose as well. Very great experience and will definitely work with them again in the future."


A'shavier Texas

"I really enjoyed working with HotShotsFXMedia. It was a great experience! I really liked their professionalism. The pictures came out great and I look forward to shooting with them again in the near future!"


Michelle C. New York

"Spade has been one of my favorite photographers for years now. He is very professional to work with. He takes his work seriously. He always has a creative idea for a scene. He has A+ quality photos, which is hard to find. He is always willing to work with his clients on payment plans. I would recommend him any day as a professional photographer in this industry. I always look forward to working with him because he puts me in a good mood being that he is always in a good mood."


Vanecia W. Maryland

"Hi, my name is Vanecia Walker. I enjoy working with the HotShotsFXMedia team. They always do a great job on retouching my photos. I like that I have different options on how many outfits I can shoot. The future discount they give you on your photo shoot is great. Being able to have a payment plan where I can pay for my photo shoot weekly as oppose to paying it all at once is a big plus. I enjoy and love working with the photographer Spade. He is kind, respectful and great at his job. He is good at communicating with you regarding any issues you may have or with anything you need help with. He is good at directing you while posing. I am comfortable around him! I will suggest for anyone to work with HotShotsFXMedia."


Arnitra B. Texas

"HotShotsFXMedia offers affordable rates for their photo shoots. Their photographer Spade makes you feel really comfortable and makes the session fun. He is very professional and I enjoy each session. He is truly an outstanding photographer with an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people and events. The photos always come out flawless and professional. I recommend him every time!"


Hope Maryland

"I really enjoyed my photo shoot with Spade. Spade was very professional, on time, easy to talk to and helped make my poses "pop". I look forward to our next photo shoot together."


Ashley C. Georgia

"I enjoyed the photo shoot. It's was interesting and a lot of fun. Photographers I shot with in the past usually have an idea set in there mind of how they want something to be perceived to the public. With Spade I was allowed artistic freedom. I wasn't just limited to certain body movements or being indoors so I had an infinite amount of space and opportunities to set myself apart from the typical photos that have been seen in the past. I will definitely shoot with him again the the future."


Jasmine S. Texas

"On our first photo shoot I was looking like I had never stepped foot in front of a camera. It had been years but Spade made me feel so comfortable and guided me in the right direction. The more we would shoot the more I felt like it wasn't really a photo shoot. It felt like it was just more body movement and it allowed me to loosen up a bit. He is very respectful and patient. The overall process, pics, advice, and turn around on communication and receiving pics was amazing!!! You don't get that too often. Thank you for that!"


Shay Maryland

"I have had the opportunity of working with Spade on several occasions. The level of professionalism is beyond reproach. It is evident in his work that photography is not just a means of income, but it is his passion. He takes pride in his work and ensures every photograph is done with excellence. He was timely and proficient. I will use him in future and recommend to family and friends."

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