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Your website and all your website products (unless you have a product elsewhere) are stored in your own 54webmedia.com account. Our support team is available 24/7 via phone (480.624.2500) for all your website needs.

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We appreciate you wanting to work with us. We look forward to possibly working with you. Now, let's get started. The great part about working with us is that you can actually get started today and not pay anything! Yes, you read that correctly. After you get through reading through the FAQ's you can sign up today and not pay anything. The 1st three products below is what you will need to launch your website. The remaining products are optional. However, we do strongly recommend them since they will improve your search rankings, and traffic to your webiste. All products can be purchased through our own registrar website 54webmedia.com Take your time to read over the FAQ's below and proceed to complete the 3min signup form. Signup button at the bottom of the page.

1. Purchase Your Own Domain / Do a domain transfer (Required)

Option A: Domain & Privacy Protection = $33.18/yr
($21/yr for a .com domain, $12.18/yr for the privacy protection - protects your personal information).

Option B: Domain & Privacy & Business Registration = $51.75/yr
($21/yr for a .com domain, $30.75/yr for privacy/business protection - protects your personal information, domain ownership protection, trusted site protection).

Note: We always recommend purchasing your domain for 2-3 years. It is better to secure your domain for a longer period of time for your business.

*If you already have a domain purchased on another registrar website then you would need to do a Domain Transfer to 54webmedia. Click here to do a domain transfer

Click here to do a domain search for the domain you are interested in purchasing for your website. If the domain is not available, you will need to change it slightly. Keep in mind, next to a .com a .net is the 2nd most common ext used in the U.S. with .org and .biz right behind them.

2. Website Builder (Required)

This is needed to build your website. The monthly fee for your website builder (Business Plus) is a $45/mo. You can pay it yearly. You can start with the monthly plan and always switch to the yearly plan.

With the Business Plus plan you will have unlimited pages, unlimited images, unlimited videos, unlimited merchant processing such as Paypal.

The free perks are: Free Hosting, Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Free 24/7 customer support, Free mobile site set up, Free YELP Listing

More info on Website Builder plans and to purchase website builder - Click here

If you prefer to have our master web developers build a custom website for you (not a template), then please click the link below and on the following page visit our get a quote tab fill to fill out the quote form.
Click here to get started!

3. SSL Certificate (Required)

Standard SSL for 1 site - $85/yr. Lets viewers know your website is safe to browse on by displaying the https in the address bar and that your website has a secure network.

*We offer a premimum SSL ($250/yr) and a wildcard SSL ($400/yr) which covers unlimited sub domains.
Ex. business.54webmedia.com. When you have a word in front a domain such as business in front of a 54webmedia.com it is considered a sub domain. If you multiple domains that all need SSL certificates, we have that as well.

More info on SSL Plans and to purchase an SSL for your website - Click here

4. Your Business Email (Strongly Recommended)

*Gmail, Ymail (yahoo), etc. are not considered business emails. Even though some use them for business, it is considered a personal email address. Business emails are email addresses that are solely linked to your domain name. No one can create a similar email linked to your domain because they do not have access to your domain. As oppose to gmail, ymail, and all other email accts for that matter anyone can create a similar email address and pass themselves off as someone that works with you or even worse, that they are you! Business email is essential. If you already have a business email set up elsewhere (yourname@yourwebsiteaddress.com) then purchasing a new business email is not necessary. Unless the email plan has expired.

Business Email - $60/yr ($5/mo). *5 custom email addresses linked to your domain name. Ex. support@hotshotsfxmedia.com. It boost business rankings in search engines.

Plan bills yearly, not monthly.

Unlimited Business Email - $72/yr ($6/mo). *Unlimited custom email addresses that you can use for multiple domain names or for other business ventures. Ex. support@hotshotsfxmedia.com, info@54webmedia.com, etc. Helps increase business rankings in all major search engines.

Plan bills yearly, not monthly.

More info on Email Plans and to purchase a business email for your website - Click here

5. Website Security (Strongly Recommended)

Website Security Essential - $10/mo ($120/yr).
You have the option to pay monthly - $10, quarterly - $30, 6 months - $60, or yearly - $120.
*Detect and remove malware. Malware scan and removal. Unlimited malware removal. Blacklist monitoring & removal.

Website Security Preimuim - $20/mo ($240/yr).
You have the option to pay monthly - $20, quarterly - $60, 6 months - $120, or yearly - $240.
Proactively secure your site. Malware scan and removal + ongoing protection. WAF (Web Application Firewall) malware prevention is also included which provides around-the-clock, proactive protection to block malware from ever reaching your website through blacklist monitoring & removal. CDN performance accelerator is also included which speeds up your website's performance by at least 50%.

92% of our clients purchase the website security premimum!

More info on Website Security Plans and to purchase website security for your website - Click here

Yes. You will own your website along with any other website related products you purchased. As long as you keep your 54webmedia.com account open so you can log into your account (which is where your website and products will be located), then you will always own your website, domain, etc.

That's completely up to you. All depending on the plan you select, that will dictate what's comes with your website. Most of our websites come with unlimited pages, unlimited images, unlimited videos, merchant processing (means you can accept one time payments and recurring payments), YELP business listing, search engine optimization (SEO), SSL certificate, blog, online shop, and a mobile website as well. Whatever your website needs, we can assure you we can supply you with the right website products so your business can flourish.

It all depends on if you went with template that we customize for you, or if you chose to have us build you a custom website. Not to mention, on how much content you have, etc.

We have an online video tutorial you can follow to help you manage your website entirely once it's completed. If your find yourself needing further assistance in regards to making changes to your website, then you can always call our 24/7 support staff at 54webmedia.com. Our support team is available 24/7 via phone - 480.624.2500.

If you choose to go with a custom built website, then your website can be ready in 7 business days (if need be) if all your website content has been submitted to us. There is a fee for us to build your custom website which can range based upon what your site needs overall. Once the site is built, you will be able to manage the website entirely yourself unless you elect for us to manage it for you for a small monthly fee.

You can update your website as many times as you like. Every day, every hour, weekly, etc. you can update as much as you like. There never will be a cost for you to update your own website, unless you elected for us to manage your website for you for a small monthly fee.

If you already own your own domain, you would need to transfer your domain to our registrar website 54webmedia.com. Click Here to do a domain transfer . If you have an active website, transferring your domain will not affect your current website while the domain is being transferred. After you have done your domain transfer, you would then need to purchase the other 4 products. Business Email, SSL Certificate, Website Security, Business Plus Website Builder.

No. You do not have to sign a contract of any sort to get started nor afterwards once your website is completed. The only time you will be required to sign a contract is if you plan to have a custom website built and you plan to host your website under another company.

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We have 2 pages worth of reviews but these are the most recent.

Melanie J. Texas

"HotShotsFXMedia is awesome! Their site content is easy to understand. Their 24/7 support team is also very helpful and willing to go the extra mile. They provide a wide variety of content and formats to choose from that fit my style and budget. Plus, they explain every single step down to the smallest detail on what to expect and how to run your site. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, they’ll get you there."


Ashley C. Florida

"HotshotsFXMedia is an awesome company to partner with for any business. They offer several services that are essential to branding and marketing. Their tech support is always responsive and available 24/7!"


Micah Baisden Georgia

"This is Micah Baisden, Owner and Lead Trainer Of PowerHouse Sports Academy located in Tucker, Georgia. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the HotShotsFXMedia Staff. The first thing that stands out is their professionalism in helping businesses like ours expand our reach not just in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas but globally to everyone that desires to be apart of our family. They have truly helped us in so many ways and I suggest any one to allow them to help build your brand the sky is definitely the limit! Thank you from PowerHouse Sports Academy and God Bless!"

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